Michael Lawson is a singer-songwriter who lives in Birmingham, Alabama. His music is melodic, timeless, timely, and reminiscent of good ole fashioned Heartland Rock and Southern Rock.

Lawson's music career began in his hometown of Seattle, Washington in the 1980's where he fronted a pre-grunge band that sold nearly 30,000 units on a subsidiary of Capital Records.  From there, Lawson expanded his musical horizons as a songwriter, playing in bands and penning songs that ranged from 1990's grunge to pop-driven keyboard songs.

In 2022, Lawson is releasing two EP's. The first, Captain Americana, features 4 songs reminiscent of the best Heartland Rock Acts of the 1980's with a solid dose of 1990's influences like the Wall Flowers thrown in for good measure. The second and most recent EP, Champions, features 4 uplifting songs of triumph and vindication that are reminiscent of diverse acts like Tom Petty, the Allman Brothers, and the Lumineers.  Together, they signal Lawson's ascension as one of the most promising up and coming singer-songwriters in the genres of Roots Rock and Americana.  Check it out and turn it up!